Forex Trading Robots, Dapomine Squirts, and Family Time

First of all, let us reorganize that subject into something that resembles good writing. Naturally, We want to establish a link between all three items in our subject, but it is debatable which one goes first. In deference to the the more sane and organized among us, we will start with Family time, instead of futuristic-sounding forex trading robots.

This morning I delved into my usual morning routine, which happens to include glancing through the front page of the New York Times Digest. Lo and behold! There before my very eyes, was the evidence of something I’ve known for a while but chose to ignore up until now. In short, I was confronted with the evidence in black and white, that our attachment to technology is exacting a big price in our abilities to maintain good quality family time, and to retain focus on important tasks.

Between our pda’s, our iPhones, iPAD’s, our laptops, and their multiple channels for bringing information to us, we are losing a grip on what is right, good, and lasting. Our brains are adapting to technology very quickly, almost without our noticing. Dapomine, which is defined as a catecholamine neurotransmitter occurring in humans, is our link between knowledge, expectations, and our impulse to instinctively react to all of these. Put another way, our brains are becoming Internet wired in a way never seen before and it is causing problems on the home front. Our attention is stretched so thinly, we are finding it hard to get back to normal life.

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There is such a thing as taking multi-tasking too far, and our brains are not turning off from multi-tasking mode when they need to. The results manifest themselves in our inability to leave that blackberry alone for 30 minutes unless we are sleeping or incapacitated. Never mind what happens when we add the extra pressure of working online to earn a living. Finding the extra time to do dozens of tasks online and off-line in the same twenty four hours everyone gets each day, is proving to be a robber of good family time, and impedes our ability to focus on a single task long enough to make it worthwhile.

One of the options have of course, and the final link between our subject and this article, is the total automation of income-generating activities that can be achieved today. This can be done in spite of the pressure to fall under the huge weight of information overload. Forex trading robots may not be in your immediate plans, but if you can automate the generation of 20% – 40% of your monthly income requirements, you could move a long way into getting back your life; a life which may currently be controlled by the wired world you find so fascinating.

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Forex trading robots allow you to stay home and earn money from the foreign exchange markets without sitting in front of your computer for hours on end. If you have a job in any office today, you probably do enough computer baby-sitting at work anyway. Who needs more of that stuff? If technology is so great, it should in some way be able to help us make the connection between automation and income, and yet allow us to bridge the gap between modern Internet living and good old-fashioned family time.

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